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Mondays, July 8 - August 19, 9:30 to 12:30 am. $350.

Designed for all people interested in drawing from life, each Monday morning begins with an art history lecture inspired by PAAM’s collection. Then, for two hours, we will work from a nude model using charcoal, conte and chalk on 18 x 24-inch sketch paper.

The drawing sessions start with ten one-minute poses and multiple short poses that loosen your hand and train your eye. You will learn fundamental ways to approach perspective, composition, gestural mark-marking, abstraction, deconstruction and Hofmann’s theory of push/pull.

Week One: July 8th: The Figure as Gesture

Experience the immediacy of bold sweepings strokes as you create your own visual vocabulary.

Week Two: July 15th: The Figure as Expression

Learn to convey emotion in your drawing using the figure as inspiration.

Week Three: July 22nd: The Figure in Perspective

Understand how one and two-point perspective deepens the picture plane of your drawings.

Week Four: July 29th: The Figure Deconstructed

See how cubism deconstructs the figure and recreates the human form as planes and shapes.

Week Five: August 5th: The Figure Pushed and Pulled

Use Hofmann’s theory of push and pull to grasp how a two-dimensional surface gets activated.

Week Six: August 12th: The Figure Costumed

Adding elements of fantasy deepens your ability to create a visual experience for the viewer.

Week Seven: August 19th: The Figure as Allegory

Gain skills to use drawing for visual storytelling.

Laura Shabott is part of a core group of artists whose presence and practices - whether visual, literary or performance - insures the continuance of Provincetown as a vital arts colony.

Shabott is part of a core group of artists whose presence and practices – whether visual, literary or performance -ensures the continuance of Provincetown as a vital arts colony. In 2015, the multi-disciplinary artist returned to painting and drawing through the teachings of Robert Henry and a Romano Rizk Scholarship from PAAM. About her solo show at Four Eleven Gallery in 2018, Emily Mergel writes for Artscope Magazine “Shabott continually draws inspiration from abstract expressionist Hans Hofmann and breaks forms into their most evocative essentials…She seizes the opportunity to burst the gallery walls, speaking with intentional gesture in visual vocabulary all her own.”

A teaching artist at PAAM, Castle Hill and the Cape Cod Museum of Art, Shabott works with adults who want to immerse themselves in drawing and painting after other careers and journeys.


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Building Your Own Website, Wed., Jan. 30 9:30-4:30 & Wed. Feb. 6 1:30 to 4:30
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Building Your Own Website, Wed., Jan. 30 9:30-4:30 & Wed. Feb. 6 1:30 to 4:30

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Whether you’re looking to sell your art online, get into a gallery, or provide a place for someone who stumbles across your work to find out more about you, this workshop will help you to hone in on what is important to you and how best to go about achieving your website goals.

Students will begin with a session with Laura Shabott to gain knowledge of writing good copy for the website and self-promotion by going over material such as the distinctions between a short and long biography, an artist statement and a resume. Through prior preparation and then assessment and active editing of these professional documents within the course, the completed materials can be used for a web site, social media and grant applications.

Students will next meet with Sian Robertson to begin designing their own web site, or to revamp an existing one. In this era of wide internet access and social media, it is vital for artists to have a web presence. A good web site does not have to be complicated or hard to maintain, but it is an essential tool for an artist who wishes to be taken seriously by prospective gallery directors, potential buyers and art collectors, and those who write about art. The workshop overall is specifically designed with a week between the two classes so that you can start to work on your site and get help with issues, opinions on layout, etc. during the second session.

The second week, students will meet for the second time with Sian Robertson to follow up on their websites and finalize details.

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Exploring Hofmann's Push/Pull Theory in Paint $140.00

Fri./Sat. Jun 1-2, 10:30am - 3:00pm each day

Cape Cod Museum of Art, 60 Hope Ln, Dennis, MA 02638, USA

Hans Hofmann is considered one of the most important teachers and painters of the twentieth century. His push/pull theory influenced students who went on to become great artists, many of whom were on exhibit in The Hans Hofmann Legacy: Creative Diversity at the Cape Cod Museum of Art this past winter. Through her studies with painter Robert Henry, and as a former gallery assistant at Berta Walker Gallery, Shabott learned of Hofmann’s push/pull theory and embraces it in her paintings and drawings.

Your two-day painting workshop with artist Laura Shabott begins with one hour of figure drawing and then you will make paintings that demonstrates your understanding of the theory of Hofmann’s push/pull for the remainder of the class. Day two, we will work from a different model beginning with a warm-up of figure drawings and moving right into painting. There will be affirming and encouraging critiques throughout the course.

Cost: $140 to $135. see website

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Drawing the Figure with Laura Shabott

Saturday, April 14, 9:30 to 12:30 p.m. $75.00

Do you often think about coming to PAAM’s Life Drawing sessions, but stop because you don’t feel ready or inspired? This workshop is designed for you. We will go through a series of exercises designed to loosen your hand and train your eye to see the human form in a whole new way. There will be a mini art history lecture, two hours with a model and an optional peer review at the close of the workshop. Students will leave with a renewed ability to draw and a greater sense of self as an artist.


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