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White Line Print Provincetown on blog by Laura Shabott

Karl Knaths, Deer in Chocorua, 1934, courtesy Museum of Fine Arts


12.27.2016  Diary of a Provincetown Artist

by Laura Shabott

There are 1,800 of us (give or take) sequestered together for the winter months in Provincetown. Going to the store is tricky. I once walked up to an acquaintance perusing the meat section just to say hello. Embroiled in a local controversy, she jumped and stared at me with the eyes of a deer – beautiful and scared – expecting trouble. The look rendered me speechless. I waved and moved on.

When I discovered “Deer on Chocorua, 1934” by artist Karl Knaths, this lush white line reminded me of her.

Co-created in 1915-16 by artists living in a rooming house together, B.J.O Nordfeldt often gets the lion’s share of credit. This was a group effort, however, that included Ada Gilmore, Edith Lake Wilkinson, Ethel Mars, Maud Squire, Mildred McMillen, Juliette Nichols and Nordfeldt. Unable to travel to France and Italy due to World War I, the artist colony at Land’s End became their haven of creativity and the incubator for the Provincetown Print.

This white line technique transforms the multi-surface system of a Japanese woodcut into a method that is pure Provincetown. A soft pine block is incised with lines to denote shapes. Then, a sheet of paper is registered. Using a rubbing tool, the color transfers from block to paper, creating a unique image.

About the artist: Laura Shabott came to Provincetown in 1992 and has been part of the arts colony ever since. A graduate of SMFA, Boston at Tufts in cross disciplines, she returned to painting and drawing through a Romano Rizk Scholarship at the Provincetown Art Association and Museum. Shabott also received a Cape Cod Resident Scholarship to study with painter Robert Henry and Returning Residencies, both at the Fine Arts Work Center. She shows at Four Eleven Gallery.



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