Laura Shabott is a true Provincetown artist; multi-faceted and actively engaged in the oldest continuous arts colony in the United States. She is the recipient of a Romano Rizk Scholarship from the LOWF Museum School, a Cape Resident Scholarship recipient and Returning Resident at the Fine Arts Work Center, all in Provincetown. A graduate of School of the Museum of Fine Arts (SMFA), Boston at Tufts, Shabott shows with Four Eleven Gallery.


1974-2016: Parsons School of Design (NY), Philadelphia College of Art, now University of the Arts (PA), School of the Museum of Fine Arts at Tufts (MA) Diploma, LOWF Museum School at the Provincetown Art Association and Museum (PAAM) and Fine Arts Work Center (FAWC), Provincetown.

Group Exhibits (Provincetown)

2017                The Thinnest Veil                            Four Eleven Gallery

2017                Utmost Gratitude                             Four Eleven Gallery

2017                Members’ 12 x 12                           PAAM

2017                Post Love in a Post Truth Era         Four Eleven Gallery

2017                Members’ Juried Show                   PAAM

2016                Townie Show                                  Fine Arts Work Center

2016                Women Choose Women                Berta Walker Gallery

2016                Open Call: Portraits                        Jo Hay Open Studio

2016                Members’ 12 x 12                           PAAM

2015                Townie Show                                  Fine Arts Work Center

2015                Members’ Open Shows                  PAAM


2009-2015       Arts Writer                                     Artscope Magazine


2017                Introductory Figure Drawing          Lillian Orlowsky and William Freed Museum School at PAAM

2016-17           Build Your Media Kit                      PAAM

2015                How to Self-Publish                    Massachusetts Cultural Council Webinar

The Studio 13 Series

I love making gesture drawings and have many that are great starts but incomplete. In September of 2016, I had a Returning Residency at the Fine Arts Work Center in Studio 13, a room of my own for one week. I spread plastic over the fifteen square foot floor, spread it with figure drawings made in the Open Life Sessions of the Fine Arts Work Center and reworked them with Japanese Sumi ink. This is an ongoing series.

click image to see more drawings:

Laura Shabott, Salutation, 2016, Sumi Ink and Charcoal on Paper, 18 x 24 inches all rights reserved photo James Zimmerman



The Ode to Hofmann series of ten paintings was inspired by the master teacher/painter’s assignment to his students: work from the same still life for months.  I selected a handmade clay pitcher on a dish, an empty container, a vase decorated with tulips, two palettes and an ink jar. A single light shined above this arrangement.

click on image to see more paintings:

Provincetown Artist Laura Shabott

Ode to Hofmann #4, 2017 30 x 22 inches, oil on canvas, courtesy four eleven gallery





Large Works

In my first year at the SMFA  at Tufts, I would take drawings from class and create these montages when the room was empty working on them together with scissors, glue, charcoal, all of them up with music playing. I was studying 16mm film in the Collaborative Film Workshop created by Richard Broadman.

These murals feel cinematic to me. As most of us at the school, I took film, swept up in the medium. I borrow from this sensibility; how the camera and the eye can capture a frame or composition. Two of the three foot by eight foot works on paper would be lost if it were not for 4 x 5 film converted to digital. One retains its fragile original form.

Collection of Steven Lage

An entrepreneur/consultant in Ohio, collector Steven Lage found out about my work through the cover of In Over Our Heads: The Mental Demands of Modern Life. He acquired many works. Here is a selection from a dozen works.

The Visual Diary is a record of my first summer in Provincetown painted on 24 x 18 inch canvases using oils and large brushes. My studio was in the upstairs of 128 Commercial, a defunct kitchen when the place was owned by Allen Carrier or Ali Baba. It was one of the last years of bohemian dominance in the West End.

Laura Shabott

Laura Shabott

Exhibits 2017

12 x 12 PAAM, Provincetown

Group Show four eleven gallery, Provincetown

Juried Members' Show, Spring PAAM, Provincetown

Exhibits 2016-15

Women Choose Women: Berta Walker Gallery, Provincetown

Open Call: Jo Hay Open Studio, Provincetown

Members’ 12 x 12: PAAM, Provincetown (2015 and 16)

All Townie Show: FAWC, Provincetown (2015 and 16)

Open Members Small Works, PAAM (2015 and 16)


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Provincetown, MA 02657