Grey and the Artist


The Days Cottages Property is over one hundred years old and the first accommodation ever created on 6A. These iconic cottages are named after flowers and were recently sold as condos.


5.8.17 Diary of a Provincetown Artist: 150 Shades of Grey

Color at Land’s End

by Laura Shabott

Provincetown has 150 shades of grey, the nuances observed and marked by many an artist. Blue-grey; White-grey; Muted grey with lilac overtones; Pure grey; all day, the tones and hues change but grey, my dear reader, is grey. Days meld together like fog. I admit to losing track of time. My defense is that I am spending many hours making art in the studio, deep in my drawings and paintings. where time takes on new meaning, no matter what the weather is doing.

This is my 25th year in Provincetown. A quarter of a century later in a relationship that is as alive and held as dearly – this land, its history, the voluptuous creative life – as any human being or pet in my past and present.


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